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Monday, January 2, 2012

Profound Messages: How to listen to water


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch

Thanksgiving was celebrated in the U.S. and this is Denise’s favourite holiday.  For Denise, it’s about gratitude.  One of the things that she is especially grateful for is all her listeners and she thanks them for joining her - “In this moment, beyond time and space, we are connected…there is this deep profound connection.  And it’s something that I look forward to every week and it’s something that I’m so grateful for.”

Getting messages from water throughout history:

· In Native American tradition, people look to the water for messages – messages in the swirls and colour of the water (in streams, rivers, waterfalls).  There are messages from Spirit, messages about the future and messages from those who have passed on.  Spirit can communicate with you through the water because of its fluidity.  Looking at moving water almost puts you in an alternative state of consciousness, which also enables you to get messages more easily.
· In Ancient Germany, the wise women would look into the streams and rivers.  They looked at the source of the river, its colour and swirls, and the direction in which it flowed and from all of this, they received profound messages to share with the village.
· In Ancient Persia, people would engage in hydromancing (looking into a bowl of water to get messages).
· The Bible mentions the Pool of Bethesda – a pool of water, and looking into it, one was able to foretell afflictions and remedies.
· The Ancient Italians used fountains to get information from Spirit.  Also, the sacred lake around the Temple of Venus was used by people who would put offerings in the lake – if the offering sank immediately, it meant that times were good, but if the offering floated a little it was a sign that some things needed to be changed or that bad times were coming.
· So the use of water for divination is an ancient art.
· Reading tea leaves at the bottom of a cup (once the cup is empty and looking at their pattern at the bottom of the cup) has been a way of getting messages too.  This cannot be done with a teabag – only tea leaves will work.

Getting messages from still water:

· If you can get to still water outdoors where it might be easier to receive the signs (lake, pool, etc.), sit quietly and start looking at the surface of the water.
· First notice the reflections in the water eg.  clouds being reflected – look at their shapes.  What do they look like and what are they telling you?  If you knew what they were telling you, what might it be?
· Sometimes the message is obvious, but at other times you have to work with it.
· Then look at the surface of the water – if there are ripples, what do they seem to be telling you?  Are they large or small ripples?  What direction are they going in (there is energy in each of the directions – If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the East is the place of beginnings, the West is the place of endings, the North is the place of consolidation, and the South is the place of expansion)?  If you knew, what direction would it be?
· Now look beneath the surface of the water:  shapes, colours, messages.
· This exercise can elicit profound wisdom.
· If you live in an area with no pond, lake, etc:  get a bowl of water and do the above exercise.  You may want to light some candles as opposed to using artificial electrical lights.
· You can drop a stone into the water (as they used to do in ancient times) and observe the ripples and their direction.  Or you could drop 3 stones into the water consecutively and look at how the ripples each stone made, interface with those from the other stones.

Getting messages from moving water:

· If you can get to the ocean, sit where the waves are coming straight towards you. 
· Still your mind and listen to the sound – often you can begin to hear voices in the sound of the sea.  At first they may sound like murmurs, but as you listen more closely, the voices can become more articulated.
· Look deep into those waves – there is something hypnotic about them and this helps to get you into that deeper place inside of you.
· Ask yourself:  if I knew what the message was, what would it be?  Be in the energy where you’re thinking:  I know what the message is and right now the message is being revealed to me.
· If you’re near a stream, there is power in the sound of the stream – every stream has different sounds.
· If you make home fountains, work with the sound and not just with the way it looks – the sound can be a purveyor of messages and Spiritual energy from the sound.  Make sure the sound is one that really resonates with your soul.
· Look into the water and allow the sound and images to fill you.  Ask a question if you want to eg.  I’m not sure whether to take this job or not, what’s the message?  Listen, sense and feel, and tune into the physical sensations of your body to help you get the answer.
· If you don’t have access to a stream, fountain or ocean, you can download/buy the sounds of the sea/stream.  Simply listening to the sound of water can often allow you to catapult into Spirit and bring those messages to you – this can happen just by playing the sound of water in the background.
· Because of the fluidity of water, you can call Spirit into the water.  Water absorbs energy.  You can be still and say:  “I call upon the Spirit of all that is beautiful and wonderful”; or “I call upon the Spirit of my angels/the Creator to fill this water with Spirit”.  If you do this, get still water bottled at source.  And if this is not affordable, use regular water, but put it out under the stars and moonlight and allow it to absorb the energy of the Heavens, so that the water is energized before you call Spirit into it.  You can put crystals (that have been cleansed) into the water.  When you look into this water, the messages will be clear because of the energy put into that water ahead of time.

NB:  If you can go into water (eg. into a stream/river/lake) and immerse yourself in water, ask the Spirit of the water:  what is your message for me?  There is a Consciousness in water and doing this is very powerful.

Additional Info:
  • Scrying is a form of divination - you can look deep into the water for messages.
  • Snow is a way to get messages, and snow is made up of billions of crystals, and when the sun shines on the snow, if you want to purify your auric field, stand out in that snow.

Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

“It is my belief that powerful, profound results can occur even in a short amount of time.”


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  2. I'm so glad that this blog helped in some way. Wishing you all the best for 2012, Starbear