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"I believe that within each person is the ability to reach inside themselves to find long sought answers to life questions. I believe in the majesty of every individual and in my seminars I attempt to create a safe and sacred space where that majesty can unfold" ~ Denise Linn

May this cyber space be sacred, may every reader find answers and may the majesty within you unfold!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch

Americans have just celebrated Thanksgiving, and Denise had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving – and she is so grateful for that.  And stay tuned to find out whether the wolf urine that Denise has purchased really does keep the coyotes away from the ranch!

News from Meadow Linn (Denise’s daughter)

Thanksgiving is one of Meadow’s favourite holidays.  She loves being able to cook for the people who are going to spend Thanksgiving with her, the togetherness, the gratitude aspect with reflecting on the years blessings, and of course she also loves being able to eat the delicious food at the same time!  However, Meadow’s favourite memory of the week was having a friend’s 2yr old help dig up potatoes in Meadow’s garden and have a blast doing it!

Interesting Info:  Energizing one’s food!

· Denise read about research that was done where kids who participated in the growing process of the food they ate (even if it was vegetables that most kids are said to dislike), the children loved to eat those vegetables.  A great part of the reason is that they had participated in the cycle of life.

· Even if you live in an apartment, you could grow eg. tomatoes in a pot.  If your child participates in growing the tomatoes, the plant responds to the child’s energy and the nutrients of that plant will be so much more in alignment with the biochemistry of that child.

· If you take the seed of a plant, put it under your tongue for just a minute with the intention that you’re programming that seed with your biochemistry, and then plant the seed, the food is said to be much more potent for your body because the plant has responded to your DNA and your energy.

Food and romantic love:

If you’re looking for romantic love or if you want to take your romantic relationship to the next level, here are some actions steps:

  1. Ask yourself:  Is this really what I want?  Some people are happier looking for love than being in love.  Looking for love is different to finding love – which do you want?  Do you really want to be in a relationship?  To find out what you want, visualize yourself with the future you think you want, and all the little details in that future.

  1. Look at blockages.  When there’s something you yearn for in your life which is not coming to fruition, sometimes there is inner sabotage or an inner blockage eg.  deep seated beliefs that you have.  Because of these blockages, you continue to sabotage yourself in certain aspects of your life.  There is value in stepping back – you can work on this on your own, or with a Soul Coach (look for a Soul Coach on Denise’s website which has a link to Soul Coaches).  Perhaps some blockages are from a past life, and many Soul Coaches can help with that too.

  1. Ask yourself:  who do I need to be in order to be in a relationship?  Who do I need to be to attract the kind of person that I want?  Am I that kind of person?  You may need to make some adjustments either in what you desire, or in who you are.

  1. Visualise yourself with your perfect mate and affirm that this is what is coming to you.  Create collages of what you want – they work!  Remember, with your collaging, to focus on the feeling that you’d have if your dream came true.  Create a miracle box or a God box to help.  NB.  Be very careful about the words that you use!  Eg.  instead of:  “I want to clear all my debts”, say “ I am living in vast abundance, easily and effortlessly”.

  1. Let it go!  Know that there is a plan for you, know that the Creator is on your side and your life is guided.  Sometimes there is something better out there for you than you could have even imagined.  Visualise everything you want and then see yourself put it into a beautiful, pink bubble.  Watch that bubble float up into the Heavens until you cannot see it anymore.

  1. You can still have the intent of what you want even after you’ve let it go – that’s a whole different energy.   You’re more relaxed – “if it comes then it comes, and if it doesn’t then there’s something better out there.”  This leads you to the next step.

  1. Create your magical/mystical meal – use the alchemy of food to manifest what you desire.  You can do this alone or with a partner.  The human psyche responds powerfully and often instantly to ceremony/ritual.  Decide that you’re going to create a meal for love.  You can create a meal for 2 even if you’re alone – this is a mystical exercise.  Don’t think of specific details like how the one you love will look, just think that “here is my beloved”.  Think about what foods have the energy that you want in a relationship, eg.  if you want adventure in your relationship, what foods give you the feeling of adventure.  Go for the feeling and use foods that are right for this feeling, not the foods that are supposed to traditionally represent that quality!  Also, use feng shui, kitchen altars and your kitchen angel, and infuse love in the food when you cook.  While you’re cooking, create the feeling you desire to be in that relationship – you’re energizing that energy into the food.
  2. What kind of table settings will give you the feeling you desire in your relationship?

  1. Chat/share with your beloved – act like he/she is there; make it real.  This is a ceremony/ritual, and there is a place within the Heavens that hears that energy.
Wisdom of the Week from Denise and Meadow:

“It is never too early to get kids excited about gardening, cooking, and taking part in all of the aspects of life so that you’re really savouring every moment.”  ~ Meadow Linn

“You can change those beliefs that are dictating your present and your future.”  ~ Denise Linn

An exciting offer:  

Denise and Meadow’s new book, The Mystic Cookbook has just been launched, and Hay House is offering everyone who buys the book a free online seminar with Denise and Meadow in January 2013!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch:

Denise is very glad to be back on Hay House Radio interacting with her listeners after having lost her voice last week.  Summerhill Ranch has become the local food bank for all the animals in the environment – they’re enjoying the fruit, the tomatoes and the zucchini to their heart’s content!

Quests and your Spirit name:

A Quest is taking time to be still and listen to the dictates of your soul; to understand why you’re here and what you’re meant to do; to listen to the voice of Spirit; to get clarity on your future and your future path – when to go forward and when to be still.  A Quest can be one of the most powerful events in your life.  Denise and her daughter, Meadow have just had their book, Quest, published by Hay House and it is now available. One of the things that can be done on a Quest is to discover your true Spirit name.

What is your Spirit name:

  In ancient cultures throughout the world, people had a name that was used, but they also had a Spirit name.  A Spirit name connected you to your soul and connected you to Spirit.  It was the name that was the same vibration as your essence.  Simply saying that name allowed you to connect with who you were in a deep and more powerful way.  It magnified your energy and your essence.  Often, in native cultures, to get your name, you would go on a Quest, and this was often at the time of puberty.  It was going out and beseeching Spirit, “What is my name?” and then watching the signs.

3 Reasons to find your Spirit Name:

· Having a Spirit name will magnify your vibration – we each have an innate frequency and an innate vibration and when you have a Spirit name, simply thinking/saying that name harmonizes your physical vibration with your spiritual frequency.  When you are in alignment like that, your life seems to flow with ease and synchronicity.
· Simply thinking/saying your Spirit name reinforces your true essence.  Our essence is who we are – it’s what calls us to Spirit and it’s what calls us into our destiny.  Sometimes this gets lost, but when you know your name, and you say it/feel it/write it down/collage it, it reinforces who you are.
· It reminds you of who you are – simply holding your Spirit name in your heart will call forth a memory of why you’re here.

What forms does a Spirit name come in:

· It can come in a sound.
· It can come in a foreign language – research the meaning if yours comes in this form.
· Often, your name will be a nature name because in the energy of nature is that natural ebbing and flowing of energy – it will be something from nature that epitomizes who you are eg.  Running Bear or Singing Moon.
· You will know that you have found your Spirit name because when you say it, you will feel so strong and powerful, and your whole body feels invigorated.  Sometimes you have to work with a name – try it for a while to realise that it’s not quite your Spirit name.  Your name may come in a revelation, but sometimes it comes in bits and pieces.  Trust the process.

The ways in which your Spirit name can come:

· Meditation – be still and listen to Spirit.  Still your mind and heart and ask:  “Who am I? What is my true name?”  Your name is the key to understanding who you are.
· Some people find their Spirit name by asking and then watching the signs.  Every moment the Universe is whispering to you in signs.  There is a myriad of signs around you no matter what you’re doing.  Be still and ask:  “If this sign had a message for me, what might it be?”  Especially watch things that come 3 times. 
· Sometimes finding your Spirit name will happen at once, and sometimes it may take a few days/weeks.
· It may not always come in signs from nature – it could even be from signs around you, such as billboards or seeing the same sign in various places.
· Go on a soul journey to meet the Namer and ask:  “What is my true name?”   You can also work with a soul coach to help you.
· Incubate your dreams for a name.  As you go to sleep, put out the call  - “Tonight my true name comes to me.”  Put a journal next to your bed and when you wake up the next morning, take notes.  If you hold the thought that you’re going to remember your dreams, you’re more likely to do so.  If you can wake up naturally instead of with an alarm clock, it’s easier to remember dreams.
· Experiment with sounds and words – brainstorm.  Notice when your energy goes up/down//is neutral.  When you say a particular sound and you feel strong, that might be the vibration of your name.  You could also get someone to do muscle testing on you or muscle test yourself.  Try different words/sounds/consonants.  There might be a group of syllables that make you feel really good, indicating that you’re very close to what your name is.
· Go on a Quest. Quests are about simply being still, and can be done in a few days in a place where there is no disturbance from life’s busyness (eg. phones, computers, TV, To-Do-Lists, etc.).  You may try it with food or without food.  Life seems to slow down and the messages and signs get louder.  The voice of Spirit gets louder.  Take about a week off – a little time to prepare for the Quest, 4 days of the Quest, and time after that.  This week can transform your life forever.
· Many people have visions while on a Quest, and this changes their lives.

Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

  • “You never know what door that name [your Spirit name] is going to open.  You just put out the call and watch the signs.”
  • “When you know someone’s name [Spirit name], there’s a connection to them.”

Interesting Facts:

In native traditions, feathers connect us to Spirit.  In some traditions, people will wear a feather.  The idea is that Spirit can rise up through the feather and can bring blessings on us and our lives

Sunday, June 3, 2012


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch:

Denise now has some new goats to add to her four-legged family on Summerhill Ranch.   The Linn family also had an adventure while looking for property in the Northern part of California – they almost had to spend the night on the side of a road which had a chain and a lock across the road!  Denise thanks her listeners who have sent her suggestions about where they should move to – she has been researching these suggestions.

The journey:

Today you have the opportunity to go on a hero’s journey that will connect you to that vast well of ancient wisdom within you.
The American scholar, Joseph Campbell gave steps to this mythic journey – it’s a journey that exists throughout time in the stories, rituals, ceremonies around the world.  Part of this journey is connecting to the “wise one”, whether it’s in the mountains, the cave or the deepest hidden place in the valley.
Should you listen to this show, there is a reason for it, and beneath the surface, positive, powerful shifts are occurring within you.  In the months ahead, you’ll step into your potential, grace, power and strength more and more.  You’ll also be more aligned with your purpose.

Steps to this mythic journey:

1. Starting to feel:  is there something more?
2. The call to adventure – it can take the form of a turning point (something that has shifted or changed you and you glimpse something more about yourself).  For many people, the call to adventure takes the form of wanting to make a difference.  The “what if” feeling of doubt that sometimes occurs after the call to adventure is normal.  But sometimes you know what you have to do – the worst thing is to be at the end of your life and look back with regrets.
3. The meeting with the mentor – this is the connecting with a wise guru which can take the form of a teacher, but can also refer to the sage within.  If you knew what this “wise one” had to say to you, what might it be?  There is power in your imagination.  You are receiving a message even if you’re not aware of the message.
4. Crossing the threshold – at this point you are committed and there is no turning back.  This is a powerful place to be in.
5. The test – you find allies along the way.  Sometimes the people who love you the most are your biggest nay sayers and will be most resistant to your growing – it is also a part of this step.
6. The approach to the fear – what are you afraid of?
7. The ordeal – from a mythic perspective, the hero has to go through this to achieve that feeling of accomplishment and victory.  Face your fear.
8. The reward – you’ve faced the fear, you’ve done it.
9. The road back to ordinary life – are you really ready?  This step is almost a confirmation of whether you’ve faced your fear or accomplished what you decided to do.
10. The resurrection – you know that you really have succeeded.  There is that idea of rebirth; you are not the same.
11. When you undertake this mystic journey, you see life from a higher perspective, and you see yourself from a higher perspective with deeper compassion and love.  Then you return home and you bring the compassion/acceptance/strength/love with you.  This is what makes a difference – not what you do, but who you are.

Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

“My belief is that cyber space can indeed be sacred space, and it occurred to me that this show could be more than just a radio show.  It could in fact be a gateway to transformation; a gateway to shifting, changing, opening, revealing that innermost profound, powerful, sacred place within you.”

“When you begin to understand that who you are is enough, this is the most powerful impact you can make in the world.”

Monday, April 2, 2012


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch:

Denise is excited since her friend’s goats have given birth, and she is going to add some baby goats to her own herd!  Of course, she wants them to bond with their mothers until they’re weaned and then they can come over to Denise and bond with her for love, not food.

The Fairy Realm:

There is a wonderful, profound connection between us and the fairy realm that is necessary for igniting magic in our world; for igniting enchanted, creative, mystical energy.  It adds a potency to our plants and flowers to have fairies there.

The fairy presence:

· Outside in nature, sometimes there’s a flickering light or a shadowy face in the tree – often those are fairies.  Or sometimes there is a breeze and you feel you can hear voices in the wind.  This may be a fairy.  A tinkling that seems to sound like a little silver bell can indicate a fairy.  If you get goosebumps or feel that someone’s walked behind you, you may be sensing a fairy.  One of the common ways is through smell, eg. you’re outdoors and smell roses but there are no roses in the area.
· Denise came up with Meadow’s name when she and David were in Golden Gate Park and she sensed fairies in a section of a park that looked like a meadow.
· When Denise lived in Seattle, she would visit a friend who lived in an expensive home in a conglomerate of such houses.  Denise never understood why she would have a sense of something being missing or not right when she visited.  She later learned that the homeowners were forced to spray their property 4 times a year with toxic chemicals/pesticides – this eliminated the fairy presence.

Fairy facts:

· In every ancient and native culture, there are descriptions of fairies – people have seen, talked to, sometimes even feared fairies.
· There seems to have been a time when we had a deeper connection and communion with fairies, but with industrialization, and over time with moving into the paternalistic society rather than the maternalistic society, this changed.
· When you connect to the realm of fairies, the fruit on your trees will taste sweeter and your crops will be healthier and impact your cells in a more powerful way.  This happens because when you connect to the fairy realm, that fairy realm begins to expand and it connects to the Spirit of your plants and trees.  In doing that, it elicits a life force energy, and that life force energy will impact your body.
· When you use a lot of pesticides, the fairy realm retreats – there is disharmony with that.

To connect with the fairy realm:

· Springtime is an especially wonderful time to connect with the fairies.
· Pick a day when you’re not busy and spend some time in nature.  Before you go out into nature, eat lightly – there is much more chance of finding a vibrational harmony if you’ve eaten living, organic foods (like raw veg) because the energy of the food goes into you and becomes a vibration.  If you’ve eaten a hamburger, there won’t be a vibrational attraction.
· Eat a flower if you can – nibble on a rose petal or nasturtiums or have a salad with flowers in it.  You can eat any kind of flower, but roses especially activate that vibration that is more to the vibration of the fairy realm.
· We seem to have almost lost that ability to connect with other realms because we tend to isolate ourselves from nature and our lives move so fast.
· Drink a lot of fluids.  In any spiritual pursuit, the fluids help to hydrate the cells in one’s body, making them function optimally.  There is a correspondence with your spiritual attunement – it’s much easier to travel across dimensions when you’re hydrated.  If possible, drink spring water rather than tap water, especially if it has been bottled at source.
· If possible, wear clothes that have been washed in a natural, unscented detergent, not a perfumed detergent.
· Consider putting some essential oils on your skin/body – something that the fairies are attuned to, like plant or flower essential oils, flower essential oils are better, eg.  rose, lavender.
· Although you can connect with the fairy dimension even indoors in the city, if you want to sense/feel them, it is necessary to go out in nature (especially in a natural/wild environment).
· As you approach the area, ask permission – “I’d like to connect with you.  Is it alright to approach?”  Wait to get a yes (you’ll know if it is a yes).  You may get a no – perhaps it isn’t the right day or these aren’t the right fairies (some fairies aren’t very trusting).
· After you get a yes, walk slowly.  Take in everything – the smells, the sights, the feeling, the earth.  Keep your awareness expanded.
· Once you find the area you’re going to sit/be still, you can ask permission again – “Is it alright to enter into this area?”  If it’s a no, don’t enter the area.
· Presuming that you get permission to enter into the area you’ve chosen, if there is anything there that is edible, put it in your mouth (NB. Make sure you know that it IS edible first!) eg. pine needle or rose petal.  This creates a vibrational shift inside you so that you are attuned to that area.  If nothing seems edible, hold something from the area in your hand.
· Find a spot to sit.  You’re going to enter into a sort of meditation where your eyes are half open/half closed – you’re getting out of your conscious mind and your eyes have a different focus (much like when you’re looking at a 3-D pattern to find the hidden picture in it).  Be still and say to yourself or even out loud:  “I invite you.  Please come.”

Other ways to invite the fairies:

· If it is a still day (not windy) and you’re able to go to a pond out in nature, take wind-chimes and sit by the water, ringing the chimes over the pond.  Often, bubbles will start to rise and the water will start to ripple – it’s almost as if the song of the chimes is calling the Water Spirits/water fairies to the air.  The chimes can also invite the Air Spirits to come if you do it with the intention of opening the gateway to the fairies.
· Fairies like songs and music.  If you can play the flute and you do it with a full heart, they love that.  You can even sing or hum to invite the fairies

If you want fairies in your garden:

· Leave one area wild where whatever decides to grow there is able to grow (this can even be a very small area)
· It is traditional to leave offerings for the fairies, so consider this – it can be fruit, hair or shiny things (fairies like shiny things, eg. crystals)
· Have shiny, sparkly things in you’re your garden like wind-chimes that bring movement and sparkles – this tends to attract fairies.  It also makes the area feel a little more magical

Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

“The more you think about fairies, the more you focus on them, this almost programs your brain to begin to recognize them.”


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch:

Denise finally discovered why Sadie (her dog) has an axe to grind with the vultures – when Denise and David give Sadie a bone, she buries it.  Thereafter, the vultures find and take Sadie’s bone, which upsets her to no end!!

Atlantis, dolphins and energy:

There is an inner weaving between the energy of dolphins and the energy of Atlantis.  These 2 energies are very deeply affecting all of us.

Atlantis chronicled through history:

· Plato talked about Atlantis, saying that Atlantis was a naval power laying in front of the pillars of Hercules – he talked about Atlantis conquering many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9000 years before.
· Throughout history, many historians and philosophers talked about Atlantis – a mysterious civilization so advanced and with many specialities.
· The Jewish philosopher of the 1st Century, Philo wrote:  “And the island of Atlantis which was greater than Africa and Asia, in one day and night, was overwhelmed beneath the sea in consequence of an extraordinary earthquake and inundation and suddenly disappeared, becoming sea….”
· Isaac  Newton in 1728 AD, in his book, The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms, talked about Atlantis
· In the 1800’s, Madame Blavatsky called the Atlantians cultural heroes and referred to them as the “root race”.
· Rudolph Steiner, an amazing metaphysician and humanitarian, talked about a cultural evolution in Atlantis.  He and Madame Blavatsky both talked about the overuse and misuse of magical powers that led to Atlantis’ destruction.
· Edgar Cayce, in 1923, spoke about Atlantis rising again.
· In 2011, there was a team working on a documentary for the National Geographic Channel – the team was led by a professor from the University of Hartford.  They were in South Spain (the Andalusia area), and they felt that they had discovered Atlantis.

What does all this mean for us?

· There is a lot of conflicting speculation about where in the world Atlantis was located, or even if it did indeed exist in our world. 
· Denise’s view is that this doesn’t matter – even if Atlantis existed in another realm/dimension, there is still an Atlantean energy present in the collective consciousness. 
· Many times when Denise has done past life regressions with people, there are many individuals who have memories of Atlantis, and even more astounding is that there are similarities in all these individual people’s memories.   The important thing here is that in Atlantis, there was a profound understanding of energy, and of using the will to magnify and create results, and also of using crystals as magnifiers.  Crystals could be used to magnify intent and also for levitation.  In many ways, the energy we have now is so similar to that time.
· In 1968 and 1969, a tumultuous time, hippies actually transformed our word by exploring psychic perception, crystals and telepathy, and making these concepts mainstream. At this time, computer technology was also developing using crystal technology.  Our world of technology thus uses the same type of energy as in Atlantis, eg. the mass communication system that we have through the internet is propelled by crystal technology. 
· Many people who talk about having a past life as an Atlantean (people over the years whom Denise has regressed), have had careers presently involved with computers.

You may have had a past life in Atlantis if:

  1. You are fascinated with crystals
  2. You spend a lot of time on a computer or if you work with computers
  3. You have the feeling that something eminent is about to happen, something not good, a collapse of society as we know it and you feel that it is necessary for you to do something about it – you almost feel responsible
 The dolphin connection:

· During these last few decades there has been an increase in interest in dolphins; a connection to dolphins.  It was often connected in historical accounts of Atlantis – the dolphins seemed to be the carrier of that energy. 
· The great civilization of Atlantis was destroyed, but that energy seems to be encoded in dolphins and through that dolphin energy we can tap into the positive energy of Atlantis.  Dolphins have an amazing telepathic ability, and as you tap into that dolphin energy, it increases your own telepathic ability and connects you to that Atlantean energy.  One of the abilities of Atlanteans was to magnetize (ie, the law of attraction) because of the understanding of will, telepathy and the magnification qualities of crystals.  So by connecting to dolphin energy, it also activates intuition and a deep and profound compassion within you.
· If you’re in an area where there are dolphins, whales and other sea creatures, you can simply talk/connect to the Spirit of the sea and say that you would appreciate any gift given to you while you are there.
· You can also put out the call to connect with that dolphin energy wherever you are, even at home.

Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

“If you have a bad dream, go back into it and give it a different outcome.  This impacts you psychologically and emotionally, and it will make a difference in your waking life because a part of us does not recognize what is real.”

Thursday, March 29, 2012


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch:
It is a rainy day in Paso Robles, California.  Denise’s goats do not enjoy the rain.  They’re not particularly fond of the wooden enclosures that David, Denise’s husband, built especially for them to have shelter in this type of weather – they’re rather drawn to the plastic dog houses.  And since they seem to enjoy being together, they all get into one dog house!!

Our reality and other dimensions:

· It is so easy to get caught up in this reality and to think that this collectively shared reality that we’re in is the only reality.   In truth it is only one station in that great radio station of Spirit. 
· There are dimensions co-existing with our dimension, and they are just as real. 
· There are times when there is a thinning of the veil between one reality and the next.  When that happens, you can step beyond this reality into another realm/dimension.  Denise’s intent today is to co-create a thinning of the veil and if you so choose, you can step into those other realms.  There is value to do that, as a soul, because it expands your being, your parameter; it loosens the hold that your identity has on you. 
· One often associates one’s identity with accomplishments, possessions and similar things, but once you take that step you discover that you’re infinite, immortal, eternal and universal. 
· The form that you occupy is only one perception of the vast universe that you are.

Wisdom from Denise’s mystical experiences:

· Listen to this show to find out how Denise discovered her Spirit name of “White Feather” and also about the mystical things, including a time warp, during Denise’s time in Bali.  She shares this to illustrate the fact that there is a direct connection between you and the Creator/Spirit.  It’s simply a matter of opening your heart/believing it is real. 
· During this time in Bali, Denise received a physical affirmation that said that things are not as they seem; that there is a Realm of Spirit; that you can interface with Spirit.  There is a reason and purpose for your life.  There are Guides from the Realm of Spirit working with you.

Mystical experiences and caves:

There is a reason that many mystical traditions happen in caves – when you are in a cave, you are in the womb of the earth.  You are in the womb of that pulsating, rhythmic, passionate, living energy of the earth.

Denise had a mystical experience while she was in Australia learning from the Aborigines - in a cave which went down into the earth, she shape-shifted into a lizard.  When she arrived home, an acquaintance told Denise about a dream she had had about being in this same cave and shape-shifting into a panther.  Although this woman had only had a dream, her hands and feet were raw and oozing when she woke up, and the dream had occurred at exactly the same time as when Denise had her cave experience.  It seems to Denise that the woman had on some level, stepped through that veil and they merged and melded for a while.

The overlapping of realities and the value of this:

In the Inner Realms, there is no separation between us; in the Inner Realms it is simply a matter of intent – you can travel from one dimension to another with ease.  It allows your farthest horizons to expand.  When this occurs, you can expand those horizons in this reality, and your ability to manifest and create becomes even deeper and more profound.

There are times when our reality and other realities overlap, eg. someone talks about seeing an alien.  As you begin to explore other dimensions and these overlapping realities, it opens the door.

Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

· “In Bali, there is a mystical energy in the land and the air, and the water.  It’s harder in the West because the veil is thicker and deeper, because the collective unconsciousness is attached so deeply to this reality.”

· “It is true there is a reason for your life.  It’s true there is a purpose for your life.  It is true that there are those in the Realm of Spirit working with you, supporting you, loving you, honouring you.  It is true that the experiences of your life, whether you like them or dislike them, were absolutely a part of your destiny, were absolutely necessary for you to become who you are.  It is true that you can stop and that you can step beyond this realm into the next.”


News from Denise and Summerhill Ranch:

Denise and her daughter, Meadow, are working on the book they’re writing together (this book is about the sacredness of food).  They’ve been working furiously since their deadline is fast approaching.  However, Denise still has time to show her wonderful sense of humour – such as when David mistook a piece of plastic in the kitchen for a dead mouse! 

The “Damn, I’m good!” mantra:

· To increase your confidence, for the next week, embrace what is by doing this mantra/affirmation:  “Damn, I’m good!” 
· Say it with expression, passion and real meaning.  Celebrate all your thoughts, feelings and actions with this mantra. 
· What you focus on expands, and the more you celebrate what’s great about your life right now, the more these things will expand.
· Scan your last 24hrs and think about situations where you can apply this mantra.  If you can’t find anything, it is not a reflection of the state of your life, but a reflection of your ability to step into what is good/great.
· There is always something great.  Forty percent of people in the world don’t have running water, toilet facilities, or even clean water.
· If you do this for the next 7 days, it will change your life. 
Denise’s Wisdom of the Week:

“We come here [to Earth] to learn and grow, and if everything were perfect, we probably wouldn’t grow as much.”